The artist I talked to was Samuel Jernigan, he graduated from CSULB at fall 2015.


All of his art works is inspired by childhood memories, some are from cartoons and some are toys. Like the one below, Sam said that the idea of this piece of work came from Sesame Street, so it looks somehow similar to Elmo and Cookie Monster. When I first saw it, I thought it was a frog with very long leg.


Sam said most of his work used 4 months or more to complete, some of them even cost more time. He started working in art area since 2000, he took a beak in 2006 then got back again. Here are some works of Sam.

There is a similar feature between his works, which is most of his works are “connectable". Many of them looks like they were made components by components.

The one I like most is the boy with combination hands. When I first saw it, I was guessing the meaning behind this work is “a puppet boy". The boy looks like he is being manipulated by someone, that’s the reason why his hands look like puppet.171642


There are also some fun facts about Sam. He likes to read navels and watch “shitty" TV shows in his free time.(That’s what he said lol)

He also said that when he first entered the department, he spent 16 hours a day in school working on art. He can just sleep in car and go to school the next day, that saved him so much money for renting house.






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