Artist: Andre Ritter

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to form; Single entity

Media: metal, leather

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: none

This exhibition includes 75 pieces of art works that made by metal. They are all made by different artists. I was interest in Andre Ritter’s work, so I decided to have conversation with him.



Andre graduated from CSULB last spring, his major is BFA in metal. He has been making metal art works for more than four years. He loves to use metal as material to make artwork. The main reason is that metal is permanent, it can be keep for a very long time. Andre said most historical antiques are made by metal, he wants people in the future to see his artworks. He also mention that the way of making metal artworks have always be the same since ancient times. He will heat the metal to a very high temperature and work on it, he enjoy the process.

The artwork below is called “Persistance", it took Andre 120 hours to complete it. Andre cut and carved the leather by himself, he also carved every single metal slice on the hat. He got those feathers from a store call “Mothers and Fathers", it is a store that has all kinds of feather; lots of Las Vegas dancers got their feathers clothing from there.


In his free time, Andre will make jewelries. He can turn things people don’t need into a beautiful accessories. The necklace was made by Andre, and he only used one piece of metal and two glass.



I like Andre’s work because his work is meticulous. Each piece of metal on the hat has different sculpture, and their shapes are also different; it must cost him a lot of effort to too do that.

The reason all of metal art work can be so beautiful is because artists put lots of their enthusiasm and patient into each work. They make a cold-ice looking metal into a beautiful work.




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