Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: F*ART

Media: Fiber

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @aliciakeyworth

     F*ART is an exhibition with works which was made by fiber, the exhibition expands the discourse surrounding CSULB’s Fiber Department. Works that were presented in this exhibition undertakes the task through humor, re-imagining process and materiality, and interdisciplinary approaches to object making.

     This week I had conversation with Alicia Keyworth, which is an student of SCULB. Alicia is major in Art Education, and she is also working on BFA in fiber program. Alicia said that after graduated, she will become an art teacher and teach students from kindergarten to high school.


     Alicia’s art inspiration came from the pacific garbage patch. She attaches great importance to environmental pollution, so she use lots of garbage from ocean and lots of litter to create art work in order to warn people not to destroy our earth.

   This work is called “Wasteful Growth", it is made by woven cotton,trash bags and metallic yarn. The trash bag she used was found in ocean.This work took her three and half week to complete. She usually makes her works colorful, but for this piece she only use black and gold. The reason is that she want to challenge herself by only using two colors to create a work and to remind people that our ocean is full with garbage, there will be only black color if we keep dumping garbage into ocean.


     I really like Alicia’s work because she used a lot of waste items to create works. It is not only making our environment better but also warning people not to pollute our world. I often go to fish at Seal Beach, and there are many trash under the ocean, it is really sad that people don’t cherish our earth. I hope Alicia’s work can make more people to notice the problem of environmental pollution.




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