Artist: Luis Arias

Exhibition: The Weaving Machine

Media: wood, fabric

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: none

         The Weaving Machine is an exhibition with all kinds of wooden art works made by Luis Arias. Beside of building wooden works, Luis also used the loom he built to make actual fabrics. Each work in this exhibition looks clean and comfortable, it makes me feel like I am shopping in IKea.

         Luis Arias came from from El Salvador, he is a super interesting guy. He is currently working on BFA in media wood, and he is going to graduate in this May. Luis didn’t know about wooden arts at all, but he said if he wants to learn something, he will put all of his effort on it and do everything patiently. Now he is an expert of wooden arts.


       The reason why Luis wanted to build a weaving machine is because he wants to make more fabric. Luis took a fabric class couple years ago. In the class, his teacher wants everyone to turn in a piece of fabric in the end of the semester. The school will lend looms to students, but they have to return after their works are done. After taking this class, Luis thought fabrics are beautiful and he wants to make his own fabric. In that time, he couldn’t afford to buy a loom, so he decided to build his own loom; it took him 6 months to built his first loom.


       In each of Luis’s work, you can see it’s really made by his own hand, every part is meticulous. That makes me believe what he said, he said “I always put all of my time to do a piece of work, and I do it very patiently."


Next time when you see something looks simple, try to look closer and carefully, you will see the details that you won’t normally see. I believe the artist put a lot of effort on each piece of work.




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