Sakata Toshi

My name is Sakata Toshi, I am 20 years old, and I am a soldier of Japan Self-Defense Force. In 2040, human population is 2 times more than 25 years ago because of the highly skilled technology development. Living space of human is getting less and less, so the United Nations decide to sent people to live in other planets. My job is to protect those people who were chose to be sent to the moon.


Since the day I came here, I have met lots of people. One of them is call Steve Patrofksi, Steve sells the best taco in the moon!!! I go to his taco shop 5 times a week.

I also have a friend call Galactic Patrolman, he is a new immigrant to the moon, so I have to teach him a lot of things. I am actually planning to invite Galactic to join our army because he looks strong enough.

The person who live next to me is Mr. Darhk. Mr. Darhk is a nice guy, he always helps me to fix my computer.




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