Artist: William Brigham

Exhibition: Altered Carbon

Media: metal, wood, stone

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: theartificery.com

     The Altered Carbon is an exhibition with all kinds of metal art works. Each piece is created by William Brigham using his own hand. William uses his hand to create objects of both function and beauty. Each piece took William lots time to make and test because he always wants to bring the most beautiful art into the world.

     William Brigham is a student of CSULB, he is working on BFA in metals. He is going to graduate after this semester. Unfortunately, William doesn’t like people to take pictures of him, so I am not able to provide his photo. But I can tell more about his  art life. William said he started to make metal arts just because it looks fun, he didn’t have any special reason to get into this field. He is also the youngest artist who sent the art to Tsubame Industrial Museum in Niigata, Japan.


     William has been making metal arts for 5 years, he made lots of arts by using carbon steal. He is now learning how to make arts by stainless steel, he said that arts made by stainless steel is more stronger than carbon steal, it has more hardness than other metals. William has failed many times trying to create stainless steel arts because no one really wants to give out the secret of it, he just have to try and learn by himself.

    By far this exhibition is the one I like the most, I really like the pattern on each knife that William made. Each knife has its individual pattern, I couldn’t image how long will take him to complete all these works, I am really impressed by his patient skill.






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