WK11-Art Experience-Turning Pages




  • How can we document ephemeral experiences like Turning Pages?
    • We should focus on the activity when it’s happening, and write about the experience on a notebook after we finish. That way we can have a better understanding of the activity and also have fresh memory of what happened in that moment.
  • Can Words & Pictures capture an experience?
    • Words and pictures do help capture an experience. Taking photos can capture the view of that moment when an activity is happening, words can help describe details of the experience.
  • Does the style of the words or images matter? For example, a blurred photo is less precise but might capture more of the experience of motion of a dancer, musician, or other active event. A poem might be a less precise description of an event, but it might offer access to the feelings of the art.
    • Style of words and images does matter. It will definitely affect someone’s feeling when his or she is reading something. Words in news are professional and academic, when we are reading it, it gives us a serious feeling. But if a person uses professional and academic words in his blog, it will be less entertain, people may feel boring when reading it.
  • Can you think of other ways to share an experience with people who weren’t there to share in it live?
    • Singing my be an interesting way to share an experience with people who weren’t there. If the experience was good, you can sing a happy tune. If the experience was bad or boring, you can sing a song with serious and heavy tune.
  • Does the act of trying to document an experience take you out of the experience? For example if you’re trying to photograph something as it happens, does the camera insert an experiential distance between you and the event?
    • I think it depends on what kind of activity is it. If it is a movie or concert, I will not using my phones to take pictures at all because these kinds of activity are only fun when I enjoy the moment, looking at the photos after the activity won’t make me feel the enthusiasm again. If it is a activity like picnic or traveling, it is good to take lots of pictures because it helps me remember places or things that I have been to or done.


Were your experiences of not taking pictures in the Library, and of taking pictures in the Bookstore, different?

I feel it is different. In the library when everyone is reading the book, I had feeling that I have to read because others are reading too. In the bookstore, I feel more free to do whatever I want, I can play guitar, listen to music, or check email. I think the reason is that environment will affect people’s mind, if you see everyone is doing one thing, you will also do the same thing.



What was your experience of this activity?

My experience of this activity is that environment will change someone’s mind of doing something. When everyone is reading the books in the library, I feel like I have to read too. When everyone stand up, I stand up too. When everyone starts to read to others, I also read to others. If I don’t do what others are doing, I will feel like I am different than other people.



Do you have any new insights about the nature of spaces? Or books? Or education?

I feel like nature of spaces is always changing because of the evolution. For example, the library used to be a place fill with thousands of books. But in our school, you couldn’t see any books when you walk into the library, you only see computers. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot read anymore, all books are still there, they were just changed into different form because of the improvement of technology, you can read books on computers, the purpose of the library is still the same.






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