WK12 – ARTIST CONVERSATION – Evelyn Contreras

Artist: Evelyn Contreras

Exhibition: METASTASIS

Media: Printmaking

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: None

Today I visited the exhibition called METASTASIS. This exhibition has many kinds of stereoscopic digital printmaking. The concept of the arts is to create kinetic spaces within a two dimensional format layers by layers. In another word, the author is trying to create a reality through a metamorphing environments in a two dimensional format.

The artist of this exhibition is Evelyn Contreras. Evelyn was born in Santa Barbra, her family was originally from Mexico. She is major in printmaking, and she is going to be graduated this year. Evelyn had chance to grow up between to different realities. One is in her house, a conservative proletarian household that held Mexican traditions through celebration, language and structure. The other one is out of her house, American tradition through institutions, socialization and language. She is trying to understand which is the real to her.


To create a print like this, Evelyn will have to pick a destination first and look up the history the location.  She will go to the destination then observe the geographic and take photos of that place. After that, she will look up diagrams that are relevant to the time the abandon geographic place were emerging and superimpose the diagrams on to the prints. The diagrams will get manipulated by being erased, enlarged, and multiplied to create new realities. Each piece cost about one month for Evelyn to complete.

I also ask Evelyn about her future plan, and she said that she has been accepted by an university in Texas, she will go there for grad school after she graduate, and she is really excited about that! Congrats to her!




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