This week’s art experience is geocaching.

I noticed that there is one cache near our school, so I decided to find it.



I found a small hole, so I went in to see if there is anything in there.


I found a tennis ball, but I am not sure if it’s the cache I want to find.


I also found a sticker on the telephone pole.DSC_0141

In the end, I didn’t know if I really find the cache because there is no hint for this cache. It is pretty hard to find the cache if there is not a hint or a picture for it, but the experience was fun!


I decide to put a sunny pen and a paper for my cache. Therefore people can sign on the paper if they find the cache.

These are the GPS location and some hints for my cache.

It is fun to hide cache, I am really excited that if someone can find it and sign on it!



After doing this experience, I am really surprise that there are so many caches around me but I don’t know about them. All these caches may be someone’s important memory, like the place they had first kiss, or the place they grown up. I think even though I have a GPS in my phone, I am still a muggle because I didn’t know any of the cache at all.





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